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reddit: the front page … stuff despite it being the biggest thing WG has lined up for WoWs right … involve players with ARP ships being up …

WoWS: Fate of ARP Ships – The Armored Patrol

Thanks to Babykim, EU On the fate of ARP ships by developer kindly It will not be possible to obtain the ARP ships after 2016, and the Yokosuka port will not be …

„Arpeggio“ Crescendo: Earn Free Ships | World of Warships

A grand finale to earning free Arpeggio ships. … „Arpeggio“ Crescendo: Earn Free Ships. … ARP Takao. All Arpeggio ships come with Commanders from the series and …

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World of Warships – free online warships game, read recent WoWS news

ARP Kongō – Global wiki. Wargaming.net

While ARP Kongo is a great reproduction of Kongo as she appears in the anime series Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-, she unfortunately (and fortunately for every-ship else) does not come with the overwhelming firepower, blistering speed, submergence ability, matter destroying corrosive warheads, annihilating super-graviton cannon, and impenetrable wave force armor of Kongo in Ars Nova.

Selling ARP Ships – General Game Discussion – World of …

Jul 28, 2016 · General WoWS Discussion ; … Selling ARP Ships Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section.

ARP Kongo disappeared from my port : WorldOfWarships

Read the WoWs FAQ; Read the Personal … ARP Kongo disappeared from my port (self.WorldOfWarships) … There will be more ARP-ships after Kongo/Myoko.


These warships have been specially designed for World of Warships, and are modelled after each ship of the corresponding name in „ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-„. The first of the warships to emerge from the Fog are „Kongo“, Flagship of the First Oriental Fleet and „Myoko“, the Student Council Vice President of the Fog.

Reskinning ARP Ships – World of Warships Mod

Reskinning ARP Ships. … Take a look to our WoWS mods list and pick your choose. Your ship battles can become much more thirilling and successful in just few clicks.

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WoWs Neuling, ARP Ships? (Gaming, Schiff, Simulation)

Aloha SwiIFTIRoIN, nein es ist leider nicht mehr möglich die ARP Blue Steel Schiffe zu ergattern. Das liegt daran, dass im Frühjahr der Vertrag mit ihnen …

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